A Prose Reading Series and Writers' Workshops in The Junction

May 28 Our last event of the season!

Join us on Sunday May 28 at 5pm,  at Famous Last Words, for our last readings of the season.


Mike Knox, Nora Gold, Ian Hamilton, Elyssa Marcoux Bissoondath and Cary Fagan join us for another unique event.

Each and every month I am surprised at how lucky we are to have 5 great writers on the same stage.  This month we will be introduced to a young Chinese-Canadian forensic accountant; we will hear a few fabulous stories inspired by found photographs; an obsessed and complex musician; three men whose live change forever when they collide in suburbia, and a batch of beautiful writing from a new writer.

You can add a few books to your summer reading list and enjoy a new spring cocktail!

YA Authors come to Junction Reads!!

Junction Reads is thrilled to announce our very first readings for our YA readers and writers.

There is much evidence that proves deep reading at a young age improves intelligence, empathy and general niceness. We all want to to have nice smart kids, don’t we? Yes!.

Bring them to Famous Last Word on April 30 at 5pm. We will host Allan StrattonKJ RankinShalta Dicaire Fordin and Sarah Sahagian and Danielle Younge-Ulmann. Your teens can pick up some new summer reading and meet some incredible writers!


“Observing young people’s attachment to digital devices, some progressive educators and permissive parents talk about needing to “meet kids where they are,” molding instruction around their onscreen habits. This is mistaken. We need, rather, to show them someplace they’ve never been, a place only deep reading can take them.”

Marissa Stapley writes that books, not “news”, may soothe our troubled minds!

In a world filled with readers who are being spoon-fed news stories like helpless babies, we might want to stop and read a book. Nothing can be more provocative and life-changing than a good book. We know this and yet we continue to read blurbs and blips of clips of real or fake news (who really knows the truth?) to inform our righteous opinions on the state of the world and to give us “insight” into these politicians who have never been so famous. Did anyone know who the attorney general was during the Obama administration? I didn’t? Did you know who the Education go-to person was? Nah-uh, not me. So why do we care now? Canadians have lived a solid 150 years indifferent (defined as open-minded to many) to the shitstorm around us? This is worse, for sure, but where did all the opinions and arguments come from?

Close Facebook and Twitter for a few days and read some books. Great advice from a great writer!

February 19 at Famous Last Words!!

February 19


BOOKS ARE THE NEW BLAH!! February has nothing on the winter blues, when you’ve got books, cocktails and the voices of talented wordsmiths to keep you going!

Join us as we engage in an exchange of words, ideas and stories from B.D. FergusonLisa de NikolitsBianca LakoseljicMarissa Stapley and Zoe Whittall

Follow a group of reality TV ghost hunters around as they try and hide their own secret lives; refkect on what it is to be normal (if there is such a thing; live through a summer in 1967 Yorkville in Toronto; explore sisters, family and love, or read about how a communtiy filled with diverse people experiences a sexual assault.

This is going to be an incredible evening of intense and beautiful readings!


What An Evening!!! Junction Reads at Famous Last Words!

Tomorrow!! January 22

See you at Famous Last Words at 5:00pm!

392 Pacific Ave, just south of Dundas, in the beating heart of the Junction!!

Marg Nowaczyk, Stephen Thomas, Valerie Mills Milde, Anil Kamal and Jane Ozkowski will read from their work(s) and we will have a Q and A at the end.

We are thrilled to kick off the new year in one of Toronto’s Tope Ten new bars in the city!

Toronto Arts Council is the best!

We are proud to say we are now sponsored by the Toronto Arts Council. Junction Reads could not be produced without the support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council!!!

January 22 another new year and more great writers!

Save the date! The holidays bring new books for some of us, so why not get ahead of our event in January and buy a book from one of our past or future authors?

On January 22 we will be joined by Marg Nowaczyk, Stephen Thomas, Valerie Mills Milde, Anil Kamal and Jane Ozkowski.

November 13 at Axis Grill and Gallery

Our season opener was an incredible evening of readings and as we move into November, things are getting even better.

Vanessa Shields, Daniel Perry, Malcolm Sutton, Heather Tucker, Colette Maitland and Shari Kasman share the microphone in the last readings of 2016!

Axis Grill and Gallery’s downstairs space is a cosy and comfy space.

We also just received word of our TAC Grant, and are thrilled our writers will get an honorarium for their readings. I just need to do the math, and that might be very very hard!!

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