May 26 2019

Victoria Hetherington with Mooncalves

Erika Rummel  with The Painting on Auerperger’s Wall

Lisa de Nikolits with  Rotten Peaches

Christine Ottoni with Cracker Jacks for Misfits

April 28 2019

SK Dyment with Steel Animals

Tim Conley with Collapsible

Alex Boyd with Army of the Brave and Accidental

Pratap Reddy with Ramya’s Treasure

March 31 2019

Catriona Wright with Table Manners

Mary Lou Dickinson with  The White Ribbon Man

Loren Edizel with Days of Moonlight

John Miller with Wild and Beautiful is the Night Cormorant, 2018

February 24 2019

Jen Chen with Super!

Aparna Kaji Shah with The Scent of Mogra and Other Stories

Jasmina Odor You Can’t Stay Here

Rebecca Higgins with The Colours of Birds

January 27, 2019

Priya Ramsingh Brown Girl in the Room

Adrian Michael Kelly The Ambassador of What

Kyp Harness The Abandoned

Jan Rehner Almost True

November 25, 2018

Adam Lindsay Honsinger  with Gracelessland

Anubha Mehta with Peacock in the Snow

Kristen den Hartog  with The Cowkeeper’s Wish: A Genealogical Journey

Elee Kraljii Gardiner joins us with her chapbook memoir Trauma Head

October 28, 2018

A Special Guest Maureen Medved

May 27, 2018:

David Huebert (Peninsula Sinking)

Mehri Yalfani (The Street of Butterflies)

Chris Laing (A Family Matter)

Lizzie Violet (New work)

Virginia Konchan (Anatomical Gift)

April 29, 2018 

Glynis Guevara (Under the Zaboca Tree)

Ursula Pflug (Mountain)

Andrew Daley (Resort)

Sally Cooper (Smells Like Heaven)

Ele Pawelski (The Finest Supermarket in Kabul)

March 25, 2018:

Christopher Cameron (Dr. Bartolo’s Umbrella Memoir)

Kevin Hardcastle (In the Cage)

Karen Smythe (This Side of Sad)

Kasia Jaronczyk (Lemons)

Terri Favro (Once Upon a Time in West Toronto)

February 25 2018:

Tehmina Khan (Things She Could Never Have)

Sylvain Prudhomme/ Jessica Moore The Greats

Terry Watada (The Three Pleasures)

Catherine Graham (Quarry)

Lesley Trites (A Three-tiered Pastel Dream)

January 28, 2018:

Sarah Meehan Sirk (The Dead Husband Project); Emily Anglin (The Third Person); Christopher Gudgeon (Encyclopedia of Lies); Michael Mirolla (The Photographer in search of death)

What a start to a new year.

November 26, 2017: Brent van Staalduinen hosted this fun wintery event. with Sky MacKay Curtis, Grace O’Connell and Daniel Karasik.

October 29 2017:  

A fabulous kick-off to our 4th season!! with Beth Gebreyohannes  (Fire Walkers), Sam Shelstad (Cop House), Melinda Vandenbeld Giles (Clara Awake), Camilla Grudova  (The Doll’s Alphabet) and Dane Swan (He doesn’t Hurt People Anymore)

April 30: Our first (and definitely not the last) YA event went spectacularly well!! We had such a great crowd and the authors were brilliant. The Q and A was  our best ever. Many viewpoints on the state of reading and writing today.

Allan Stratton, KJ Rankin, Shalta Dicaire Fordin and Sarah Sahagian and Danielle Younge-Ullman

March 26, 2017: Our first reading of the Spring was another packed house with some fabulously intelligent authors! Thanks so much to Kate TaylorBrent vanStaalduinenEric Beck RubinMary Frances Coady and Diane Bracuk who each helped make this event as great as it is!

February 19 2017

A great month for an all female line-up. A great mix of genres and themes!

B.D. Ferguson, Lisa de Nikolits, Bianca Lakoseljic, Marissa Stapley and Zoe Whittall

January 22 2017

What an incredible evening! We had such a great evening listening to great fiction. Again, thanks so much to Jane Ozkowski, Marg Nowaczyk, Stephen Thomas, Anil Kamal and Valerie Mills Milde.

November 13 2016

I feel like I might be able to say this every single time, but the best reading so far!! Thanks so much to these fabulous writers!!

Shari Kasman, Heather Tucker, Colette Maitland, Malcolm Sutton, Daniel Perry and Vanessa Shields.

October 16, 2016
May 29 2016

March 20 2016

February 21 2016
January 2016


November  2015

Brian Clarke, Shannon Page, Nicole Brewer, Janet Turpin Myers and Trevor Cole!

October 2015

3030 was closed for a fire, so our authors this month were merged into other months.

September 2015

With Loren Edizel, Marissa Stapley, Marianne Miller and J.R. McConvey!


June 2015

Adam Abbas
C. Fong Hsiung
Jane Woods
Catherine Bush


May 31, 2015

Helen Nelson

Bruce McDougall

Ed MacDonald

Tamai Kobayashi


April 19, 2015

Daniel Perry

Vanessa Shields

Bruce Meyer

Alexandra Leggatt


February 22nd 2015

Ron Schafrick

Peter Norman

Nancy Jo Cullen

Michael Winter


January 2015

An enlightening question and answer this evening. The fear every writer carries into each new work that we cannot create anything new, that there are no new ideas. Harold Bloom’s Theory of Poetry discusses the relationship between the individual artist and every great artist that has come before us. How can we escape the influence of every great author we’ve read? Because truth is, we were readers before we were writers and it is our love of reading that likely made us want to be writers. It was Of Human Bondage that made me want to write a story that I felt was as complicated as real life. And I am sure each of you can pin the spark of desire on one particular text or piece of art.

So this is what we talked about. Writing in your own voice and promoting platforms for all of the unheard (silenced) voices is the best way to escape the influence of the Maugham’s of the world, and create new art powerful enough to influence even greater work.

Thanks Stephen, Alicia, Ruth and Ben Stephenson for the lively discussion and for sharing your unique, funny, touching, “different” voices with us!

ben2 ruth2 stephen1Alicia Elliott

Alicia Elliot is a fellow graduate of York University’s Creative Writing Program. One of her short stories can be read on The Toast. Her writing is funny, purposeful and thoroughly enchanting.

Ruth Walker is the author of the novel LIVING UNDERGROUND (Seraphim Editions, 2012), and also a poet, playwright, editor, and creative writing workshop facilitator who has published in Canada, the US, and the UK. Her award-winning writing has appeared in many literary publications, anthologies, and periodicals

Ben Stephenson is the author of the novel A MATTER OF DEATH OR SOMETHING LIKE IT, published by Douglas & McIntyre in 2012. CBC Books named him one of ten “Canadian Writers to Watch.” Ben’s short stories have appeared in The Coast, the Telegraph Journal, and the anthology Rememberer.

Stephen Smith is an award-winning reporter and sometime columnist. He has contributed to The Globe and Mail, Canadian Geographic, Quill & Quire, Outside, and The New York Times Magazine. PUCKSTRUCK: Distracted, Delighted and Distressed by Canada’s Hockey Obsession is his first book. His stories about five-dollar bills and boy travel writers have appeared in Geist and McSweeney’s.


What a lively and fun afternoon with some great writers! Robert Shaw Jerry Levy Alisha Piercy Ray Robertson

Titillating subject in the Q and A. Is the short story still a valued and worthwhile style of fiction? Many agreed that it is the big publishers and their narrow focus on money that has caused the neglect of the short story collection. Big houses are only interested in publishing the next award winning novel and so have lost focus on the real world.

With young adults (our new and emerging readers) and their short attention span, you would think publishers could see the value in selling a short story collection. You are not only selling great fiction, but you are selling them back their own time. Without asking them to spend a week or two on one story, you can get them to read a story in less than half an hour.

Here are the collections I think you should be reading now!

Anything by Alice Munro. She is a Novel Prize Winner!

George Saunders, Tenth of December

Junot Diaz, This is How You Lose Her (and anything else!)

Emma Donoghue, Astray

Jess Walter, We Live in Water

And check out the reviews of other great collections on Good Reads, here.


October 26th 2014

Chelsea Rooney

M.H. Callway

Marianne Apostolides

Naomi Elena Zener


September 28, 2014

Janet Turpin-Myers

Carrianne Leung

Chuck Crabbe

September 28th Carrianne Leung, Christine Ottoni, Chuck Crabbe, Jean Baxter and Janet Turpin Myers
Carrianne Leung, Christine Ottoni, Chuck Crabbe, Jean Baxter and Janet Turpin Myers

June 2014

Anthony De Sa

Marissa Stapley

Brent van Staalduinen

Chris Eaton

May 2014

Priscila Uppal

Elyssa Marcoux-Bisoondath

Ania Szado

Jim Moore

April 2014:

Shyam Selvadurai

Nicole Lundrigan

Sonal Champsee

Mary Kim

March 2014

Craig Davidson

Elizabeth Ruth

Jonathan Bennett

Damian Tarnopolsky